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And here comes again the festival which all of many await for the whole year. Yes, Holi, the festival of colors. Its a festival fertility, color and love and to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

This Hindu spring festival has its origins in the Indian subcontinent. Stories say that the festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Vishnu who restored Dharma back. There was an asura King by the name of Hiranakashyap who was granted the boon that he could not be killed by any human or animal, neither at night nor in the morning, neither indoors nor outdoors, neither by projectiles nor by weapons and neither on land, water or air. This made him arrogant, and he started to consider himself as the supreme power.

However, as they say, arrogance leads to the downfall of one and all. Hiranakashyap’s son Prahalada was an ardent believer of Lord Vishnu and worshipped him. This angered his father, and he decided to teach him a lesson. He was subjected to a whole lot of punishments, but nothing could change his son. He played one last trick, and that was that Hiranakashyap’s sister sat on a pyre along with Prahalada.  She had a cloak which she planned to wear to save herself from the fire. Things, however, worked in favor of Prahalada. A strong wind blew, and the cloak flew away. The King’s sister got burnt, and nothing happened to Prahalada. In the end, Lord Vishnu took an avatar in the form of Narsimha-half lion and half human and killed the arrogant King. The festival Holi and the Holika bonfire that is organized is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Sounds interesting!!

The festival is celebrated with much grandeur and enthusiasm all over India. People start preparing in advance for the celebration. The women begin making sweets and more such stuff to celebrate the day with their relatives and friends. Wood and combustible materials are gathered for the Holika dahan or bonfire on the first day of Holi. The next day, people make merry and party with their relatives and friends using colors and water. Children fill up water balloons and water guns along with dry colors and colored solutions and enjoy with their family and friends.

Holi is one of the major festivals of India. The festival marks the beginning to put an end to all the enmities in life and repair and mend all broken relationships. The festival is back, and tomorrow it will be celebrated with much enthusiasm. Soak yourself in all those colors of life and forget all your worries of life. Meet your friends and enjoy with one and all. And yes, not to forget, don’t mind when someone throws colors at you, after all its Holi!!!

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