Yes, the translations we deliver will be accepted by USCIS and other U.S. authorities. We offer 100% acceptance guarantee on translations of birth certificates.
EzeeTranslate can translate from and into more than 100 languages. You can check our Cost and Turnaround Estimator to check whether or not we support your language.
Most of our customers receive their translations the next business day. However, to get accurate estimation of delivery time, we suggest that you should use our cost and turnaround estimator.
We hire quality professionals who are expert in providing translation services. By distributing out orders quickly to the professionals we get it done quickly and deliver it back to you. As we know time is money so we care a lot about time duration.
Yes, we translate all kinds of documents. Whether it is a birth certificate or operation manual of a medical device, you can use our personal document translation services or business translation services to get a fast and accurate translation for it.
Yes, we translate websites using our state of the art translation tools. You can get your website translated without worrying about re-writing the code or even touching it. You can send us .html, .php, .asp, .xml files for translation.